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0ur weekly newsletter which you will receive weekly by email contains, news which will be different every single week. And cartoons in the cartoon corner, to make you laugh out loud. And activities like crosswords and word searches, this newsletter is interesting and fun for all ages. Our newsletter also contains recipes every week, from lemonade to lasagne to the very greenest salad. Please forward the newsletter, to friends and family to read. Any company can advertise in our weekly newsletter.

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Every week we put in a tremendous amount of effort to produce the newsletter every week. We decided to produce this newsletter purely to make people happy.

In the beginning of our works, we were sending the newsletter to approximately 40 households, and the numbers are constantly rising.



I have been receiving these newsletters online since the outset of these newsletters, and have been delighted. The content contained in the newsletter is really entertaining, including cartoons, news, puzzles, and occasionally the amazing fitness article.

a happy customer

What a magnificent effort from the young journalists at Benama Newsletter.

'The Newsletter' is growing each time it comes out and we are beginning to look forward to its arrival.

Its especially useful at this time as, with the lock down, we now have games to play to pass the time, things to cook, something to read and jokes to cheer us up.

With the demise of The Jewish Chronicle this could be the beginnings of a new way to announce our simchas etc.

Keep going Benama you are providing a good service for your growing number of readers.


Just want to say how much I enjoy reading your newsletters. They are interesting, informative and funny.

Long may you continue. 

Ann jayson

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